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My visual experience of White Night 2014. 

As you can see, there are…a lot of people. Specifically 500,000 people. Now imagine how enjoyable it is to be a timelapse photographer (someone who requires no vibration or movement. That was my night.

Just when you thought you had your own secret vantage points in your own city, you find a bunch of guys publicly urinating all over it.

Enough complaining. This was a really fun experience that took a total of 8 hours over night.


A year long project comes to an end.

This is the result for my attempt at showing the four seasons of Melbourne. By complete chance I decided to choose the location of the royal exhibition building as it looked easy enough to duplicate the shot (being symmetrical and other mathematics and junk).

I shot this over 10 months (March, July, October, January). Luckily Melbourne really showed off the extreme of each seasons. (For those who don’t know, Melbourne is known to experience all weathers in one day). 

The final scene of the scrolling frames took quite a lot of planning/maths involved. Each season shows only 25% of the photo and scrolls left and starts again on the right. This forced me to create several time lines (approx. 8). I made the mistake of importing all my timelapses in JPEG sequences and then having 8 time lines…do not ask how long it took to render this…

The only big error I may have made during this process was capturing three seasons using a Nikon D90 and then one season using a Nikon D610. It made it very difficult to align the photos correctly.

This video has given me a lot of inspiration to try more of these seasonal timelapses and day/night timelapses.

Trying new things!

I bought a Hoya R72 lens and have started entering the world of infrared photography!

Let me just tell you one thing…there was a lot of learning involved (how to capture the photos, wait for the right day, photoshopping). My first try seems to have resulted somewhat successfully. However it seems that my Nikon D90s low pass filter is restricting me from fully taking advantage of IR light.

So the plan is to rip out the low pass filter in my Nikon D80 and hopefully create amazing IR shots and not just have a broken camera.

I just bought my Nikon 28-300 lens and am planning to buy my Nikon D610 next week. 

"Things are coming up Milhouse".



Triggertrap Redsnap: Modular Camera Trigger

Triggertraps CEO has just contacted me to see if i would be interested in their new product that they are releasing in April/May of 2014. Just when I thought my inspiration for my photography hobby was at an all time low, I get roped back in with amazing news. 

I’m actually taking a breather this month (October 2013) as finding new interesting locations has been fairly difficult. In retrospect i probably should have paced myself. Currently i’m working on my other hobby (aquariums and aqua-scaping).

Any new news lately? Uh…only just that the Nikon D610 was released in stores a few days ago….time to spend a chunk of savings to satisfy my crazy obsession. 

Incoming Nikon D610 + 28-300 Nikor lens over the next few months.

Lacking inspiration for this month…

Future plan is to do a timelapse per month until the start of 2014 then i’m going to cool the jets and do one per season. Therefore allowing me to plan out the whole video, rather than getting the footage then editing and choosing the song in the last few days of the month.



August Timelapse

Yeah so I know i’m a bit behind. I had to combine parts of July and parts of August together as I have been crazy busy. I became so busy that I was forcing myself to timelapse during my lunch breaks at my day job. 

Luckily for me, Melbourne is filled with amazing locations (and crappy weather). Note to self: buy weather sealed DSLR next time.

So some exciting news and not so exciting news:

Exciting: Nikon has released a rumor about a possible up and coming camera. The D610! Now comes with the removal of the dust and oil issues of the D600. Not sure if that is classified as a spec improvement, but now I’m willing to drop 3k+ on new gear!

Not exciting: My kickstarter pledge to swivl is delayed until end of December start of January! So i won’t be able to have any panning shots over the next few months.

I’ve started asking a few buildings whether I can take photos from their reception or a conference room. The recipients have been quite pleasing and have allowed me to. Unfortunately they will only allow me to do it during business hours and while being escorted around…All I need now is an assistant to do my dirty work while I work all day. Volunteers? 

I wasn’t too impressed with this months video. Probably due to the fact that I only edited it in 3 days (like 3 hours in total). Maybe it was due to the fact that my footage wasn’t capable of being pseudo panned and couldn’t properly align to the music. 

I’m still currently in the process of recording my behind the scenes video. It is very close to being finished. I’m not promising a date, but end of this month should be a good estimate.

My friend is doing the editing for me. He emailed some recording studio asking for the permission rights to the backing track of a pop song. We claimed that it would be a not for profit video. They still insisted on us paying them $2500…

Anyway that’s it for this month.

1000 Paper Cranes at BOYD

Greetings all. This video is going to be my substitute for a July montage. Yes yes I know lazy me. We were all expecting something amazing right? Probably not as I’m only posting to about 6 people. 

Anyway enough babble. So this month I moved places which basically stole all my weekend timelapse time. Luckily for me many events popped up near south Melbourne around this time which forced me to find time to take advantage of them. E.g. the Etsy/ paper crane folding event.

The BOYD community in South Bank celebrated their 1st Birthday with arts, crafts, music and a variety of other activities  The main activity that I was a part of was the construction of 1000 paper cranes to be hung off the banisters. 

This was actually quite challenging for me as my usual timelapses involve landscapes/buildings/other locations that I can usually use infinity focus for. This case was different. It was a cramped room with awkward table positions but I somehow made it work (except for the out of focus cropped parts of the photos that i used).

Obviously I had to take part and fold my own cranes. As you can see from the stop motion part of the video (had to be put in to fill in blank spaces in the video) I memorized how to fold paper cranes.

There was another photographer there from PurpleMonky which allowed me to nerd out with someone else who loves cameras. Unlucky for me his gear made me very jelous. Two Canon 5D Mark II with a 85mm f/1.2 and 50mm f/1.2…meh I don’t do photography as a living so I don’t need amazing gear right?


1x Contour ROAM hanging off a window (fish eye effect)

1x D90 w/ 18-200mm timelapsing on multiple angles. 

1x D80 w/ 35mm for happy snaps and some sweet bokeh!

One thing I took from this different timelapse video is that I should keep the timelapse locations moving. I was there for a total of 3 and a half hours and I only took 2 points of view from the D90. I could have easily done 5.

Also plan plan plan. This is obviously difficult as the event organizers didn’t even know what the outcome of the event would look like.


Behind the Scenes: Workflow

Was just asked by TriggerTrap’s CEO to film a behind the scenes of my timelapse process from start to finish. So I guess that will be July’s objective. I was going to do my regular timelapse montage but am starting to lose creativity in Melbourne. However, this loss of creativity may not last long. Last week I casually walked through South Melbourne and was inspired by the office buildings under construction, the way the light spreads in between the buildings and the events that are provided all year round.

I just saw your June timelapse, and it’s another winner.

Hey, I was wondering - if you’re planning to do one for July as well, is there any way we could ask you to also do a ‘behind the scenes’ thing, and shoot a piece to camera explaining how you work?

You keep creating all these beautiful timelapses, and it would just be such a shame if we didn’t make some more out of it.’

It’s statements like these that give me a burst of motivation to keep going.

I now need to brain dump my workflow onto paper which shouldn’t be too difficult. The difficult part is providing some comedic value to the BTS video.

Welcome June! 

I can’t quite recall what happened this month as I managed to cram all these timelapses in the first two weeks of the month. Had to dedicate most of my time to moving places (timelapsing was on hiatus). However I managed to produce a pretty decent result. I don’t know if I’m just blind to my own faults but I think that my videos seem to get better and better each month (obviously due to learning new things and spending more time on editing). 

People are starting to ask if I can take photos for them. I obviously say yes but ensure that their expectations are low as I am not a party/portrait photographer. I take timelapse landscapes (my camera is permanently set to timelapse requirements (no display mode, no VR, no AF, tripod mount permanently attached).

Things I learnt this month:

My D90’s sensor is capable of capturing the milky way (on a perfectly clear night). Unfortunately for me it has to be on ISO 1600 or higher which is very grainy. No amount of LightRooming can fix that.

A friend managed to DIY his own rail rig. Results were a bit jittery, will post video soon.



Month of May 2013.

This is my first month of time lapses after purchasing LRTimelapse to reduce flickering and even out changes in LightRoom Sliders.

I’m beginning to run out of motivation for Melbourne. Unless an exciting event occurs within Melbourne i’m going to slowly run out of ideas. Time to venture through Victoria?

Throughout the last month i was contacted by TriggerTrap for an interview as I use their product to produce the timelapses we see here today. It was very nice to have exposure from the TriggerTrap community as many people became aware that my videos existed. I’ve received a lot of advice and constructive feedback from other timelapse-ogrpahers that has changed my entire workflow method.

My swivl device should be arriving this or next month. So finally some movement in my timelapses that isn’t pseudo! I’m also researching into rail systems as they can be pretty darn expensive. I’ve noticed that building your own can be cheaper but then the hours you put in probably cancel out the money you saved (depends if you are a DIY person or not). 

Rail System Ideas:

New methods i’ve been using in the last month:

  • LRTimelapse Application
  • Almost mastered the Hyperlapse process
  • Considering building a tripod with wheels to improve the hyperlapse process
  • Always email someone before you plan on timelapsing a location, they may want to pay you to do it!

Next month is how to learn bulb ramping.

- Alex

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